Knitting Machines, Lessons, and Accessories

Do you have a Brother or KnitKing knitting machine and ribber that you are not using and you would like to move it out of your storage?  Call Leslye at the number listed below to see if she can find a new home for it.

Learn How To Use Your Knitting Machine:  Leslye gives easy-to-understand lessons on how to use a knitting machine.  Following her instructions, you will be making sweaters that fit with only a few lessons.  The lessons are at your own pace and phone help as well as written help is available.

Is your machine in need of work?  Is the carriage stuck or are buttons not moving?  Is your needle retaining bar more than a few years old?  Leslye repairs, cleans, and rejuvenate  knitting machines.   

We have many out-of-print and production knitting machines, books, and tools.  Please contact Leslye for more information as to what products are currently available. 410-236-8601