The Machine Knitter's Uh Oh DVD
Woolstock/Up Next Productions

The Machine Knitter's Uh Oh DVD

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Uh Oh...another mishap on your knitting machine? Ever had a moment when you thought of throwing your machine out the window? Stop getting frustrated. Machine knitting can be more fun. This important video is just what any Japanese machine knitter needs to make machine knitting easier and more successful. Instead of consequences being your teacher from frustrating trial and error, this video, with it's easy to see close up view, and a little sense of humor, will show you how to avoid problems and fix mistakes when they happen.
* Review problems from the misunderstood machine assembly which causes many problems.
* Learn the functions of the buttons and levers.
* Master the technique for unraveling one or two rows at a time.
* Know what to do when knitting gets caught on gate pegs or why loops form.
* Be able to correct a dropped stitch.
* Become proficient in correcting a dropped stitch that dropped many rows down.
* See how to save your project if knitting drops off the machine.
* Know how to prevent and correct the jammed carriage.
* Learn how to replace a bent or broken needle.
* Learn neck shaping using the short row method preventing holes.
* See two methods that will help improve the ribber cast on.
* Know how to adjust your ribber.
* And more. . .

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