Sweater Finishing for Hand and Machine Knitters DVD
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Sweater Finishing for Hand and Machine Knitters DVD

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This DVD was the first of its kind on sweater finishing, and was intended to cover the subject for Hand and Machine knitters.  If you are interested in machine knitting, this DVD is highly recommended for you.  If you are only interested in finishing for hand knitters, please see Leslye Solomon’s DVD entitled “The Hand Knitters Guide to Sweater Finishing.”  

Instead of skeletons in your closet, is there a bag filled with four knit pieces just waiting to finally become a sweater?  You spent all that money on yarn and all those hours knitting it, why stop now?  It’s time to start enjoying to finish your sweaters instead of dreading the task.  You’ll enjoy finishing sweaters when you know how it is done.  Here is a DVD for Machine and Hand knitters, that gives a close-up and private lesson that answers so many finishing questions.   NOTE: If you machine knit, this is a very important DVD, as well as the Machine Knitters Uh Oh Video.  Many techniques are just for machine knitters but most techniques can be shared for both.  Here’s what you will learn.  All subjects are identified as either machine knitting (MK), hand knitting (HK), or both (B).

 Here's what you will learn:  B stands for both kinds of knitters

MK is information just for machine knitters

 See how to block your swatches and your knit pieces a new way using Blockers (B)

Make invisible side/shoulder seams (B)

Kitchener Stitch or graft shoulder seams from waste yarn or from knitting needles (B)

How to pick up and knit neck ribbing using your knitter and ribber. (B)

See how to bind off on the knitting machine (MK)

How to hang the side of a drop shoulder sweater (or pick up and knit for hand knitters), knitting the sleeve    from the top down to the cuff (B)

Improve your skills at picking up stitches at the neck (HK)

See how to install a zipper (B)

Bind of 1 x 1 ribbing for machine knitters (MK)

Learn the commercial neck band (a cut and sew method for machine knitters) (MK)

Improve ribbed neck bands (B)

Make reversible seams for afghans (B)

Install set in or drop shoulder sleeves (B)

Improve cardigan bands and collars (B)

Make/install puff sleeve pads (B)

Shorten or lengthen knits (B)

Weave ends in to instead of making knots (B)

and more.


Leslye Solomon has been hand-knitting since the early 1960’s and discovered the knitting machine in the mid-1980’s.  Her extensive American and Japanese knitting machine training has enabled her to learn and share many techniques that ALL knitters can use.  Most techniques can be learned by her DVD’s.  For many years she has enjoyed teaching to hand and machine knitters around the country and offering sweater designs on her website www.woolstock.com and Ravelry.  

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